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  • Ex-Apple Employee Opens The First Black-Owned 24/7 Tech Repair Shop In The Heart Of Harlem.

    Harlem, NY, January 22, 2020 - Opn Phone Repair, the brain-child of ex-Apple employee Dwight L. Peters, offers premium iPhone, iPad and Macbook re...
  • How To Do A DFU Restore

    If there ever comes a time when your phone is locked and it ask you to connect to iTunes, it's asking you to do what is know as a Device Firmware Update (other wise known as a DFU).
    Here are the steps on how to do it:
  • Why We Offer 24/7 iPhone Repair In Harlem

    It's 9:27 pm, Thursday night and you just left work rushing to the train when it happens suddenly - the headache we all wish to avoid, your iPhone ...
  • Broken iPhone Button? Here's How To Fix It

    How to Fix Home Button on iPhone Have you just gone to use your phone, placed your thumb over the home button and your iPhone didn't unlock? We un...
  • How to back up your iPhone with iCloud

    Before bringing your iPhone for repair - we highly recommend that you back up your device.


    Here's how.

  • Restoring Your iPhone Through iCloud Backup

    Occasionally, the one thing you depend on fails which can leave you in a difficult situation. While technology isn't flawless, it carries our dig...
  • Costs of repairing an iPhone with OPN

    At OPN™ Phone Repair, we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality repair with an express turnaround, so you are not left long without...
  • Mobile Device Repair - New York [Job Application]

    OPN is looking for tech savvy phone repair experts who are excited about the opportunity to be their own boss, set their own schedule and have u...